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Kris aka "KMA" (K-MA)

I'm a Los Angeles-based illustrator and graphic designer helping food and travel brands craft their stories.

About me

👋 I’m Kris Avilla, founder of ARTLABkma, my solo creative studio based in Los Angeles. Passionate about art and design, I’m a self-taught illustrator and graphic designer with a background in fine art. I help food and travel brands stand out, and tell their story through illustration and design, so they can focus on the work that matters most.

I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember—watching Saturday morning cartoons and trying to draw them on random pages of typewriter paper. These were my first "sketchbooks". While in school, I always pursued art and grew to love technology and computers in my classes. Now through my creative process, I am able to combine my love for analog and digital art through my work in helping other creative entrepreneurs, as well as small and large brands, grow their businesses. Working with me would be like having your personal in-house creative consultant.

My main focus is how to best to deliver value to you and your clients, by honoring your business’s goals and vision. Since 2009, I have been freelancing and consulting in diverse industries from hospitality and lifestyle, to food and beverage, engineering and healthcare. In 2016, I started freelancing as a lead graphic designer for DG Coterie, a boutique branding agency specializing in creative development and brand management. Working closely with their founder, I helped to grow their business to a larger client base through visual design, branding, marketing, and logo design. By 2017, I started working as the in-house graphic designer for an engineering and consulting firm specializing in security, project management, and consulting in the aviation and transportation industry. Fast forward to today—I'm combining my marketing and branding wisdom with my passion in illustration and design to help brands craft their story with a multi-disciplinary approach.